If the crack is in a flat area on the bumper, the repairs are fairly simple and require less time and material – meaning they are likely to cost less, too. But, when the damage involves a vehicle’s style lines, curved areas or molded sections around lights or intakes, it’s a different story. Repairs to these special areas require additional care which translates to more time and more resources – usually meaning more money. That’s why a solution offered by us as a professional auto body shop provides a detailed cost/benefit analysis for each job. While in most every case, a plastic bumper crack repair us possible, it some it isn’t practical.

The best option

In the majority of situations, though, a plastic bumper dent or crack repair is the best option. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Less than your deductible – the basic repairs can often be done for less than the basic deductible on auto insurance, avoiding an insurance claim and keeping premiums as low as possible.
  • Repair is quicker – making the basic repair is often quicker than ordering and replacing the bumper.
  • Overall cost is less – A traditional body shop, in many cases, recommends replacing a bumper which costs must more than most repairs.
  • A true “green” option – making repairs to your plastic bumper keeps additional materials out of landfills.
  • A real benefit for older models – A plastic bumper crack repair may be the only option for an older model vehicle or one that’s no longer made where parts become increasingly expensive and hard to obtain – if available at all.

Cracked plastic bumpers are a reality in today’s vehicles. When a plastic bumper gets scuffed, dented or cracked not only does it look bad, it reduces the value of the vehicle. Plastic bumper repair is one of the most demanded body shop services and drivers are often totally unaware of how affordable it is to repair a plastic bumper. Express Collision & PDR provides plastic bumper crack repair services for every make and model vehicle.

If you need dents and cracks repaired, we are a full-service body shop and also offer auto body painting.